The Land

Africa….my my beloved land. A land of rich culture and tradition. Africa my home, my heart, my soul. I am sad to say that I have never known you. Not personally any way. But you seem to know me, Mama Africa. You call to your lost child. You blood flows through my veins. You sing to me, Come home my child, we need you.” My heart, my soul it cries out with reply. Mama Africa I will journey home to you. I will greet you with love and warmth. I will come home to you, Mama Africa.

Oh my Africa, One day I wish to reconnect with the culture that I was never allowed to have.  What is a soul without an identity? This is a space for me to explore what it means to “go home.” This is my sacred space to pay homage to my beloved Mother land. Mama Africa, one day I will return to your loving embrace.



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