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Salutations to Amun-Ra

As I mentioned before, Yoga is important to me. It is a very big part of my life and sanity. Every morning(by every morning I mean whenever the hell I have time to) I perform A salutation to the sun. It is one of the very basic flows of many different yoga traditions. I am practicing the Hatha Yoga tradition.  Basically, sun salutations pay homage to the daily solar cycle from sunrise to sun set. To be done at sun rise in the mornings. It is my preference to go through the postures 4 times toward the four ancestral spirits ( four corners) towards the north, east, south, then west.


Just me

Just me

This photo totally captures the real Crystal. Slightly flustered but relaxed….all I want to do is reconnect with the culture that I never had. I’m just a black girl in America desperate to find her spirit. Desperate to find her home. So peace friends! Get comfortable and enjoy my vibe.